What is U-ANT?​

U-ANT is an innovative company born from a project with Matema, a research center specialized in basic research on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms applied to different socio-economic areas. We have leveraged more than 20 years of research and development of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies applied to genomics, molecular biology and socio-economic systems, in order to create a contagion risk management platform ACORP+.

Our history​

On the 4th of May, the “Phase Two” began for Italy.​

Tough limitations remain in force to ensure the respect of social distancing rules.​

4.4 million workers are back out of their homes, increasing the risk of a strong second wave picking up momentum. ​

As long as there are susceptible and infected people in the population, the virus can spread. ​​

Businesses that bear responsibility for thousands of employees across the country are facing an urgent need for a tool that would allow them to monitor the risk of contagion and act with effective preventive measures. U-ANT introduces ACORP+ as a solution to the problem.​

What’s behind U-ANT

The ACORP+ Platform

The ACORP+ platform was born to become a supportive tool for contagion risk management under extreme circumstances, such as Covid-19 pandemic. Using a combination of personal and environmental scores for each employee, it gives the employer a systematically updated ranking of personnel, indicating individuals with high risk of contagion, which becomes the basis for further medical testing.
Original AI algorithms and quantitative models, based on advanced methods of analysis of structured and non-structured data, applied to microbiology and epidemology, produce an interactive real-time map of epidemological risk, ensuring the timely adoption of control measures. ​

About us


Vittorio Carlei

Scientific advisor of U-ANT. President and development director of the Matema research center. Specializes in the development of solutions of Computational Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, with more than 20 years of experience in Machine Learning and A.I. projects.​

Greta Immobile Molaro

CEO of Polo GGB, with more than 10 years of experience in management of biotech companies and activity coordination in important scientific projects.

Clients & Partners

Our clients are unique and we support them with customized solution to improve the safety of their workplace and workforces.

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